The Grill Gun| SuV-Gun - Meat N' Bone
The Grill Gun| SuV-Gun - Meat N' Bone

The Grill Gun | SuV-Gun

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Elon Musk made all this noise about a flamethrower with no particular use. Forget Musk and the boring company and check out the GrillGun. This is a gun designed for Grill Masters by Grill Masters...

You can use your Grillgun to start your charcoal grill and be cooking over charcoal with the aromatic experience, taste and health benefits associated with cooking over natural wood, more quickly than you could be if you were cooking on a gas grill.

You can also use the grillgun to sear your steaks, particularly useful if you are a fan of the sous vide method of cooking. This gun is used by many popular influencers and chefs in the US.


  • Built in spark igniter, for safety and convenience. 
  • Be really hot to get the charcoal going super fast, 400,000+ BTU.
  • More efficient than other high power torches. 
  • Runs on small portable propane bottles for portability. 
  • Attaches to economical 20lb propane tanks for stationary use. 
  • Completely consume its fuel and produce an entirely blue flame. 
  • Made of high-quality materials and last a long time. 
  • Easy and intuitive to operate. 
  • Able to be used safely. 
  • Fun and able to be used spontaneously.
  • Looks really cool. 


This was actually the result of a successful kickstarter. But you do not need to go to the kickstarter... just buy here at The Grill Master's Boutique or at Meat N' Bone!!



The grillgun is well made, but it is a start up. The packaging isnt particularly high end but the actual gun is very well built. This is why we like it.

  • The GrillGun - High power propane torch, designed to light Charcoal and Wood grills and smokers
  • The Bottle Stand - Convenient vertical stand that enables you to set your GrillGun attached to a propane bottle - upright and easily accessible while cooling down after having just been used