Sushi at Home Kit - Meat N' Bone
Sushi at Home Kit - Meat N' Bone

Sushi at Home Kit

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A LOT of people walk into our boutiques looking for "Sashimi Grade" fish to make their own sushi. They walk out knowing that Sashimi grade does not exist, but that yes our extremely high-quality fish is great for sushi.

For us that do not make sushi consistently sourcing everything to make sushi at home can be quite an ordeal. So when we saw this kit we thought it made for a great addition to our store.

This sushi rolling kit includes Sushi Rice, Nori Sushi Seaweed, Rice Vinegar Powder, Sesame Seeds, Wasabi Powder, Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat, and Instructions on how to make sushi rolls! (The sushi ingredients are shelf stable)

You can buy this kit with a bundle that includes proteins needed to make some AWESOME sushi here