10'' Skillet | Cast Iron - Meat N' Bone

10'' Skillet | Cast Iron

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Every meat lover should have proper cast iron gear. Victoria Cast Iron skillets have the ingredients necessary to create a legacy: history, quality iron, strength, proven designs and simplicity.

These cast Iron pieces are proudly made in Medellin, Colombia and curated with Flaxseed oil made in Belgium.

Now as for this 10'' Round Cast Iron Skillet:Others

  • Medium round cast iron skillet with longer, curved handle was designed by our engineers for better leverage and easier handling. Longer cast iron handle keeps your hand farther from heat center and stays cool for longer on the stovetop.
  • Pre-seasoned 10 inch cast iron skillet is ready-to-use. Victoria cast iron cookware seasoned at high temperatures using 100% Non-GMO Flaxseed Oil for a natural easy-release seasoning that gets even better with time
  • Round cast iron skillet with pour spouts that have intricate drip-cutters for easy cleanup
  • Victoria cast iron skillets include instructions on use and care to upkeep and improve seasoning with time. Usable in all kitchens: gas, electric, induction, oven, camping, grill etc
  • High quality commercial iron casting for durability and excellent heat retention. Made in Colombia using European cast iron machinery. Lifetime Warranty


If your kitchen does not have a cast-iron skillet, it is missing something worthwhile.First off, cast iron has the ability to maintain very high temperatures. They heat up and maintain that heat until all the food in the pain is cooked evenly. That is especially important when cooking meats. 

They are inexpensive, last forever and are relatively easy to clean. Moreover, Cast-iron skillets can be used for all types of cooking including frying, sautéing, searing, baking, braising, broiling, and roasting. There is no food cooks cannot prepare in their cast-iron skillet.