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Spanish Olive Oil | Venta del Baron

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We tried A LOT of different olive oils before deciding on Venta del Baron. This is an oil with a complex medium-to-strong fruitiness reminiscent of green olives and overtones of leaves, freshly mown grass, and herbs. sweet on the palate at first, with an aroma of green almonds; medium bitter and quite peppery. Highly complex oil with a long finish. 


According to the legend, Enrique III sentenced the Baron of Santaella to build the tower of Malmuerta as a punishment for killing his wife in a fit of jealousy. His heirs, dispossessed of their title, settled in the Sierra de Priego, and there, for many generations, they devoted themselves to the cultivation and pressing of olives from the mountain range. From these olives, they extracted an extra virgin olive oil which was sweet, slightly fruity, and of such extraordinary quality that the King, when he tasted it, decided to restore the title of “Baron” to the olive oil producer.


Since 1998 Venta del Barón, included in the PDO Priego de Córdoba, has received more than 80 awards in 8 different countries, which include "World's Best Olive Oil" by the International Olive Council as well as "Spain's Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil" from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture.