Ryutoku 5.9" Japanese Deba | FC-572

Ryutoku 5.9" Japanese Deba | FC-572

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 RYUTOKU knives are manufactured by Fuji Cutlery Co., Ltd. The sister company of Tojiro applies advanced construction techniques and modern materials, combined with high-quality Japanese quality control to produce great knives suitable for chefs, home cooks, and professionals at a great price.

While Tojiro knives are professional grade, Ryutoku knives are meant for home use. Meaning, you are not going to be using them for hours and hours every day. 

This is a Deba knife that is excellent for breaking down whole fish, including bones.  The Deba has a single-bevel edge allowing it to be extremely sharp. Traditional Japanese knives characteristically have single-bevel edges.

Model: F-572
Weight: 140 g
Blade length:
150 mm
Total length:
285 mm
Blade material:
# 9000
Handle Material:
magnolia wood
56 +/-1