Simple Meat Thermometer | Ovenproof
Simple Meat Thermometer | Ovenproof

Simple Meat Thermometer | Ovenproof

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It does not matter how good of a chef, cook or grill master you are. You should own at-least a barebones simple meat thermometer. It will save your life.

To be frank... I always guesstimated whether my meat was done, and if I had to.. I would cut into it to see. It work I was actually pretty good at telling when my steaks were medium or medium-rare (which is how I like it). But I also didn't take a lot of risks and tried a lot of different cuts.

A good friend, a very well known chef, told me I should stop wasting good meat on stupid pride and keep a good thermometer for when I wasn't 100% sure. So I invested in one and... yep, it was worth it.

Meat Thermometers are cheap... you can shell out $100's for a wireless thermometer that connects to your phone and has all kinds of nifty features... but you can also spend $9 on a simple probe and get an instant read.

I like the inexpensive thermometers because I tend to lose them...

  • Beef: 145 degrees (medium) Fahrenheit
  • Pork: 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Poultry (Chicken & Turkey): 165 degrees Fahrenheit

 Conclusion? Spend a few bucks in a meat thermometer. Your cooking will improve.


  • Extra large 1.75"/4.4 cm dial
  • CDN IRM190 ProAccurate Insta-Read 5" probe
  • NSF-Certified
  • Durable laboratory glass lens - ovenproof and waterproof
  • Measurement Range: 130 to 190F/50 to 90C
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Boil test field calibration 
  • Antimicrobial coating helps prevent bacteria growth
  • Includes a protective sleeve with a pocket clip