Simon Pro | Spanish Steak Knife Set (6)
Simon Pro | Spanish Steak Knife Set (6)
Simon Pro | Spanish Steak Knife BOX
Simon Pro | Spanish Steak Knife

Simon Pro | Spanish Steak Knife Set (6)

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If you want to have some impressive knives to eat steak at home, there are few better knives than these. They are 3.6" and are dishwasher safe. 

These knives are handcrafted and the blade is one solid piece of tempered steel. This is a very robust and balanced knife meant to cut steak.


Cut chicken and beef bones, as well as ribs. For these uses, use a wood or fiber cutting board. Do not cut on boards of extremely hard exotic wood or stone, granite or marble.

Dry with a cloth if you put them in the dishwasher after washing. Aggressive washing can scratch the leaves. Do not store your knives in a drawer with other knives or metal objects without the attached leather protection. Put them in a separate compartment without other utensils.


For the last 70 years Cuchilleria Simon has been manufacturing some of the best knives in Spain and Europe. Blades ae hand crafted and made with tempered steel and Micarta handles.


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