Hand-made Cleaver | Damascus Steel
Hand-made Cleaver | Damascus Steel

Hand-made Cleaver | Damascus Steel

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These cleavers were crafted by a small master knife maker for us. He uses Damascus Steel.  The  Blade makes it easy to use and maneuver for any use you may want to give it.

This Damascus Cleaver is just really freaking cool... and you can use it for anything you like. The blade is forged in fire using Damascus steel. The wood handle is beautiful and makes the cleaver extremely comfortable & easy to hold.

This Damascus Blade is made with a mixture of 1095HC & 15N20 steel it is forged in fire. Both elements are heated together and folded many times to get the desired layers.
The blade has a hardness of 56-58 HRC which holds the sharp edge for a long time.
It is forged in a specific way to achieve high hardness, beautiful & unique blade patterns.

Comes with a leather knife sheath and belt loop. 


Cleaver Length: 12"

Blade Length: 7.5"